The Great 2021 Clean & Refurb

The cleaning of the club started in earnest today with committee members in working through the afternoon summer heat. Their efforts today to improve the space is greatly appreciated.

We have had a nice response from club members willing to give up their time and help ensure the room is clean and clear for our refurb plans. If you would like to help or have things at the club you are able to take home temporarily we would love to hear from you.

The next push with cleaning the room is Tuesday 12th July between 12 noon and 4pm lead by Mal from the committee. The cleaning materials are all within the club but need the bodies to put those materials to use.

We look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

The first message of 2021 on the roleplay whiteboard – excuse my horrific handwriting, I couldn’t find the font options on this analog system.

Club Room Renovation & Reopening

With the confirmation from the government regarding the release of most restrictions in England a big question on member’s minds is when the club room will be reopening. On Saturday 10th July the committee met up to discuss not only the reopening but ways the club could be improved to make it a nicer place for members to game and socialise.

I am sorry to say that on the 19th July we will not be reopening. In place of reopening the club will be immediately taking on the task of deep cleaning and renovating the club space. The plans we have in place excite us and we are certain you will love them too. With the size of the club this is no small task so we are asking for willing members to join us in the effort of making a nicer space for us all.

To help us with the project we would like to clear the space as much as possible. To aid this we ask that any members with property stored at the club and the ability to temporarily store it elsewhere contact a committee member to organise collection.

Our Committee member Mal ( @Ubberrick on our discord server ) has kindly volunteered to manage the project. Should you be willing to help with the project please contact him or speak to your friendly neighbourhood committee member.

We have set a soft completion date of the 7th August. Set the date in your calendar as we aim to host an event to celebrate the reopening with a bang!

Morrowind Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew

Are there any big Morrowind fans in?

One of our members will be starting a temp Morrowind Homebrew DnD based campaign on our Discord Network.

Starting Wednesday 8th at 8pm-10pm.
For more information you can check out the channel on Discord and ask your questions to the GM directly.

We’re not going to let Covid 19 stop us from enjoying our roleplaying games so if you’re not already pop along and give online gaming a try.

It’s not just gaming we want to promote but the need to socialise more than ever in these times of strife,

We can’t meet in person! but we can still chat through means such as Discord and Facebook.

Be it about our boring self isolating day or the latest news and media regarding your favourite geeky topics.

We’re here for you.
Keep a Home, Keep Safe and the sooner the club will soon be reopening like he rest of Britain.

New Discord Server

We are pleased to announce we now have a Discord server. Feel free to pop along and chat games, be it tabletop or other. All we ask is you be respectful to other members.

We are currently looking at starting up roleplay games through the server with the assistance of either Astral Tabletop or Roll20. Should you have any experience within the matter of roleplaying through a virtual tabletop please let us know, we could do with any assistance available.

Immediate Closure

It is with great sorrow we announce that due to the ongoing situation with Covid-19 the Humberside Wargames Society will be closing it’s doors with immediate effect.

Alongside this decision we are sorry to say that all upcoming events are cancelled until further notice.

Despite the inability to meet in person we are currently looking at options for the community to interact through additional virtual means. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information in the near future.

We wish all our members the best of health during this difficult time and hope to see you all once the situation has cleared

Covid-19 (Corona-virus) Announcement

The committee are currently monitoring the Covid-19 (Corona-virus) situation with all the seriousness it deserves. In consideration of the size of our society we dont believe immediate closure is necessary, but will keep monitoring the daily reports from the government.

We ask all attendees of the society be respectful of other potentially more vulnerable members. Should you develop any symptoms, or suspect you have come in contact with someone with symptoms we request you don’t attend the club for two weeks. Any decision to run regular games within the club is at the discretion of the gm and players involved.

All play areas will be disinfected before and after each session. We ask members to be vigilant in cleanliness and respectful of other’s decisions during this hard time.

Board Game Day March 2020

Saturday 14th March 10.00-16.00

We have a selection of board games within club kindly left by members to enjoy.

The 14th March sees the return of our monthly celebration of board games. The club will be open from 10am to 4pm to members new and old. Come along and play an old favourite or find a new obsession.


The Club AGM will be on Saturday 22nd February 2020 starting at 2pm.

Election of committee posts will be taking place (Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and 4x Committee Members). Any applicable members wishing to put themselves forward should email no later than the 15th of February.

Any motions must also be submitted to no later than the 15th of February.
Richard (Secretary).

Please note that to be applicable for a committee post you must have been a paying member for at least 6 months.