Action at Miroslawiec, March 1944

Hi all,

Well the try out of the Flames of War rules went ok, once we had a basic grasp of the rules things went along at a brisk pace!

I only took a few pics of the game as not all of my models were fully painted *gasp*

The board after Soviet turn 1

We played the “Dust Up” scenario, with the Soviets and Germans deploying in opposite corners. There were 4 objectives, 2 in each deployment corner, and the goal was to secure 3 of them.

Some poor throws from the IS2 tanks in the centre meant that they were knocked out by long range shooting from the 88’s. The 88’s then suffered as they had a 120mm mortar barrage land on their heads.

The SMG equipped tank rider company were gunned down by the Germans  before they could get in range whilst the German infantry platoon in the open were steadily whittled away by the Soviet fire.

One of the grenadier platoons daringly moving in the open

The end of the game was brought about by an assault by the Stug III zug and some infantry on one of the Soviet home objectives.

Game winning (and pretty) Stugs!

All in all it was a fun game and we might be using it again for our 6mm WW2 games. I only have another Kompanie to paint plus two companies from the Guards Armoured Division for Normandy/Holland to paint…and all the scenery…

Time to pick up my paint brush!


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