The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous second scenario

Four player 6 locations and the second game shouldn’t be to much of a problem. However the game as some twists in it. When encountering a card with the animal ┬átrait you instead encountered a tree stub henchmen (no option to close location) , this affects monsters and allie cards. Balazar ability to get monsters is reduced due to the reduction in the number of non animal monster he can encounter in the location desks. And the there is this card “Trangle Trap”

Instead of the usually henchman 4 of the location have the tangle trap cards. These cards doesn’t allow the closure of the location after being defeated which is normal for henchman when encountered at a location. In the two other locations is the Villain and a normal henchman.

We have played this second scenario three times, on the last occasion Enora and Balazar both died. The deck has a number of cards that effect every character when encountered which make it difficult to keep characters alive which a a few cards left, in previous Pathfinder games characters could be kept relatively  safe by doing nothing and being them at a closed locations.

Maybe a change in characters may help?