Covenant: Meet the Characters

Covenant is very much a character driven campaign. So with that in mind I think it would be a good idea for you to meet the most important ones: the player characters.


Cynric Isenwulf

Cynric is an elf, born of noble stock. Lords of Wessex on his fathers side, and Lords of Aquitaine on his mothers. He is courteous, well-spoken and educated; all things one would expect from a child of the nobility.

In his short 18 years of life he has lived in his family home in the village of Alryne, then as a young teen, tutored by his maternal uncle in the philosophy of magic at the de Vallinois family home in Valon.

During his training something went terribly wrong, and now he travels, hoping to find magic that will right those wrongs and ease his conscience.


Edrith Blackstone

Edrith’s father was never around, and his mother died young due to an unfortunate accident. The people of the Black Forest village of Coldridge tried to offer what meagre supplies they had to the young boy but it simply wasn’t enough. After the young Edrith resorted to thievery to fill his stomach the village had had enough and drove him out into the forest.

This would have been the end of Edrith had an ancient gnome called Belgarth not taken him in. Crotchety and fond of his drink, Belgarth nonetheless showed Edrith the magic of the Earth and taught him of the flora and fauna within it.

After Belgarth died a young woman sought Edrith out, saying that his father needed him. Now a man grown, Edrith decided to see the world and search for the man that would call himself his father.


Finnigan Diarmaid Tierney

In his own words:

Finnegan Diarmaid Tierney, Gnome Bard

Hello the names Finnegan, the bard of our intrepid crew, perhaps you’ve heard of me? No? Then you soon will. Clearly the leader of the group what with me being so dependable, charming and just downright amazing. I have pulled us out of many a sticky situation………and maybe thrown us in to a few but that doesn’t really matter.

I have always found great joy in performing, whether it is for a packed tavern or even the balls held by nobles of high esteem and pedigree. There is no one who is my equal when I am on stage and yes that most definitely includes you Martinez you backstabbing Iberian.

With my roguish good lucks and my talents there is no one who can escape my charms. Hmm? Wedding ring? Oh yes I am unfortunately married but don’t worry I will eventually rectify this problem. Or I would if I could get the damn thing off my finger.


Sander Grogram

Sander grew up with his academic parents who all lived in his grandfathers estate. An explorer and wild child at heart, Sander roamed the forests and hills of his home land with his friends.

During his wandering he came across an old elf. Curious, Sander befriended the odd elf and found that he was a sorcerer. Every season from then on Sander was taught magic by the elf, though often with long periods of absence.

As he grew he came to respect his parents academic ways and tried to merge a more scholarly approach to magic along with the more practical, instinctual teachings of his elven mentor.

While exploring beyond his home country he came upon a ritual. In his vain curiosity he cast it. Now bereft of something important to him he seeks to understand what happened to him and claim back what is rightfully his.


Just a small teaser of the characters. Each has a more detailed story to tell, worthy of its own post.

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