The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous third scenario finished

First try on saw the dead of Shardra Geltl and Seelah. Due to the family tomb card. Seelah was fighting the villain with most enough cards in her deck to stay alive, if the villain wasn’t defeated and there where no open locations for him to move too. There where two open locations both had charactors on them Adowyn temporary closed his location Imarija had a 60% chance of closing his but failed. Seelah defeated the villain but died due to lack of cards and Shardra Geltl also dead becuse he was at the family tomb.

For the next week two new character where used. Seoni and Kyra


The next game only Seoni came near to dying. The party now had 3 of the 4 Cure cards which helps.

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