Lion Rampant second game

This time Scenario  C was randomly picked. The Germans playing the defender again and this time Normans the attacker. The game was played on an 8 by 6 table due to the scenario requirements.

The Germans won when they found the fugitive in the first piece of rough terrain they looked in, however we continued as thou they had ailed as we had only been playing for 20 minutes. The Germans once again found the fugitive in the third terrain piece they tried, some fighting did take place. The German knight once again running riot destroying two Norman foot units. The Germans won with 5 glory points.

During the game the question of  “Was it better to move easier to move units then the knights or try to move your knight knowing that the rest of the retinue should follow?” was discussed.

Both players played the “move easier units” then there knights, but this cause the knights to move very infrequently due to any failure of the easier to move units meant that the knight never had a chance to move at all.

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