Armies of the Club : 28mm Anglo-Normans for Lion Rampant





Hi all,

Kicking off a new series of articles on the various collections that members of the club have. I’ll jump in the deep end and post some pictures of the latest project that I have completed.

This army started out a long time ago as  an impulse buy when I was missing playing WAB with my Saxons. Most of the figures are still unpainted in their box, enough for about 3000 points along with monks, civilians and livestock but I was inspired to paint up this lot as a retinue for Lion Rampant.

Without further ado, here are the pics.

24 points of oppressive nobility
I’m going to redo the skin tones on these to match the peasants one day…
I think that the shields have come out well
Semi-professional archers

I will eventually finish the entire army and run a campaign set during The Anarchy, so expect more pictures in the future!

Thanks for looking,


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