Navies of the Club: 1:2400 Austrian WW1 Fleet

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Sorry that this is another one of mine! Here we have my WW1 Austrian Fleet for actions in the Adriatic and Aegean in 1914/15.

The whole fleet as it currently stands

The Austrians were able to build some mighty fine ships in the years proceeding the first world war. The core of the fleet are the 3 Tegetthoff class dreadnoughts available in 1914 Рmounting 4 triple 12 inch gun turrets and an 11 inch belt these are scary opponents.

The 3 sisters
Close up!

Comissioned just prior to the first world war are the Radetzky class semi-dreadnoughts – I’d rather be in these than some other fleet’s dreadnoughts to be honest! Only mounting 4 12 inch guns with a 9 inch belt these wont last too long against modern British or French ships but should be more than capable of handling everything that they can spare for the Mediterranean.

3 more sisters…

I admit that the make up of this fleet soothes my loving of symmetry. It has two squadrons of 3 capital ships and 3 destroyer squadrons. 2 heavy cruisers are present with another on the stock. 3 is just a good number!

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