Jade Regent Session 21 & 22

In the pathfinder 2.0: jade regent The party decided they were going to leave their comfort zone of Sandpoint and it’s surrounding swampland. They decided to build a caravan with the knowledge of Sandru, an experienced Caravan leader known by some of the group. Their aim to head up north in search of their clerics lost family secrets.

A map of Sandpoint with the great unknown to the North

Our party christened their wagons and the Caravan hit the road. Being a resourceful bunch, the recovered name plaque from the lost ship “Kaijitsu’s Star” was placed above the door of the fortune hut, while the plaque “Kaijitsu’s Blossum” was placed over the passenger’s carriage, finally the reclaimed sign of alchemy shop “Bottled Solutions” was adhered to the trader’s carriage. Ready to wave their farewells to Sandpoint the caravan rode out of town.

The first day on the road was uneventful the party left to their own devices as the caravan travelled north. Unfortunately this peace did not last long. As the second day rose the caravan was set on by a band of Ogres. Unperturbed by the shiny new ballista sat on top of Bottled Solutions the Ogres took to throwing boulders at the wagons requiring the caravan to stop for repairs as the hero’s dealt with the large stinky highwaymen.

Despite the delays our caravan came out on top, hidden in the Ogre’s den a large pile of trade wares was found. No doubt, taken from less prepared travellers on the road.

Later that day the caravan pulls into a small beaten down village. What will the party find in this worn and humble part of Varisia?

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