This week in roleplay – week to 24/03/23

This is a new weekly website post were we summarise some of the activity by adventuring parties travelling from our clubroom.

Pathfinder 2e – Kingmaker

The Heroes of Last Night, THoLN for short received their charter to explore and extinguish banditry in the Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands, then set off for Oleg’s Trading Post. Not two days were they on the road before cutthroats attacked them.

Carbon 2185 – Tales of the Golden City

The Carbon Crew from Monday night, managed to prevent the death of their primary contact with the 16K Triad, but were left with questions about the 2 presumed Reapers (organ harvesters) who escaped.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e – Ghouls and Men

After surviving the Hag’s magical storm and minions’ raid the party realised an ambush would no longer be viable against her. The next day they sneaked up to the corrupted mill. Inside they found not only the hag, but also a critically wounded fae-born druid fused in the centre of four trees. A tense combat ensued; luck was on the side of the party as the hag succumbed to the magic and might of the party. Before the party could save the druid, the baron’s skeleton drawn carriage to pull up outside the mill, not ominous in the slightest.

Pathfinder 2 – Middle of Newarre

The Founders of Newarre unknowingly crashed a sacred ritual of power to the Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters. In hopes of rescuing the matriarch of their allied goblin tribe. Several explosions later, the fort’s watch tower is toppled and the evil Barghest performing the ritual is slain. One more evil cleansed from the surrounding lands.

Keep an eye out for more updates on how Adventuring parties are getting on within the club. If you wish to run a game within the club contact us to find out how we can make it a reality.

AGM & Committee 2023

On Saturday 18th March we had our Annual General Meeting for the period ended December 2022. As granted by the Emergency General meeting on the 8th October 2022 this AGM had been delayed till the club had been relocated to its new home. Although Percy St has not yet reached its final form, as of 12th February the club has been operating out of 31 Percy St.

Election Of New Committee

The AGM saw the end of service for the 2022 committee and the election of the 2023 Committee. This year saw Erica G step down from Treasurer and Sara B step down from the committee. We thank both for their hard work and ongoing assistance with running the club. The 2023 committee is as follows.

  • Chairperson: Paul S
  • Secretary: Richard S
  • Treasurer: David M
  • Committee members:
    • Erica G
    • Gillian M
    • Richard J
    • Tim H

2023 Committee Tasks

In addition to the election of the new committee, tasks were voted on for completion during the year the membership tasked the 2023 committee with completing tasks it considered important.

The first of these tasks related to the creation of a special GM Chair for the round roleplay table in the entrance area of the club. This chair would utilise parts of the current chair to make something in keeping with the style of the table. The joiner who created the round table has already agreed to submit designs for the committee to approve.

Due to safety issues we are not commisioning the iron throne.

The AGM has also tasked the committee to create a comprehensive inventory of stock held. This would assist the club in making decisions of what should be kept, what can be sold and what can be disposed of.

Additional matters were discussed regarding ways to keep heat from escaping, privacy during gaming and security of the club. These matters the chairperson confirmed would be discussed during the next committee meeting. Members are welcome to attend all committee meetings, the next is scheduled for 25th March starting at 3pm.

Membership fees

Please note that membership fees are now due. Becoming a member grants you a vote in all topics discussed during general meetings and you can be nominated for a position on the committee at the next AGM. (must have been a member for the 6 months prior to the AGM to be eligible).

Membership Fees

  • Waged: £5.00
  • Unwaged: £2.50

Membership fees can either be paid in cash to committee members/officers or via bacs to our bank account. If you make payment via bacs please advise us so we can keep an eye out for it.

Roleplay Opportunities coming in April

In April we have a couple of new tabletop rpgs looking for players. If you are interested in getting into tabletop roleplay this is the perfect time to do so. If you are interested please contact us here or let us know through our discord server in the “looking for group” chat.

Skull & Shackles: Tempest Rising

Mondays weekly 6pm-9/10pm for 12 weeks approx
Starting 17th April

GM: Erica G
1 Player slot availible
New Players Welcome

The adventurers have come a long way since the violent and desperate launch of their pirate career. Now, their ship’s hold full of loot and plunder, they make their triumphant return to Port Peril to present themselves to the Hurricane King to officially gain recognition as Free Captains of the Shackles. But with this recognition comes new opportunities, as other pirates take action to aid or hinder the heroes, during which hints of a hidden plot begin to surface

Arcana of the Ancients

Mondays weekly 6pm-9/10pm for 10 weeks approx
Starting 24th April

GM: David M
5 Player slots availible
New Players Welcome

The Caracara festival takes place in the crooked hills, an area long considered haunted by spirits that plague one’s dreams with strange nightmares. Despite this the festival has become popular of late due to the appearance of inexplicable arcane artefacts. While investigating the source of these artefacts the party finds itself with a quest to stop goblin raiders plaguing the festival. What secrets do the crooked hills hide?

Keep your eyes pealed for more games planned to start in the future.

A New Home

The society has now moved to it’s new premesis at 31 Percy St, Hull, HU2 8HL.

All games previously expected at the old venue on Savile Court will now take place at Percy st.

Please note that not everything has been moved yet and there is still a lot to be sorted. Please bare with us while we organise and sort both play areas and items from the move

In consideration of the ongoing organisation if you wish to play in the clubroom please contact us to confirm there is space available for you.

A new game for a new room

On the evening of the 11th February after a long day of moving some members took advantage of the new venue to start a new game of pathfinder.

Kon’s new Pathfinder 2 campaign, Kingmaker became the first game to be played in the new venue.

As a new game this also represented the first 5 characters to be created within Percy St. May their adventures be fun and TPK never grace their table.

New things this way come

Over the last few weeks the membership have been working hard to prepare a new home for the club. We are aiming to be open in our new home by the 28th February, if not earlier.

We thank all the hard work and donations made by members to get us so far, but aren’t quite there yet. If you are able to help please let us know.

See below a map showing where our new home is

New venue address

31 Percy st

Clash at Kingston 7: Under 3 weeks away!

With the speed 2022 is passing we are now just over a week away from the final submission deadline for CaK7 (02/04/2022) , one week before the event itself (09/04/2022). This means that Chris requires a copy of each player’s 1995pt army list. The preferred format for attendees’ list is pdf created by mantic’s easyarmy website ( ). If you haven’t checked out the website before I reccomend checking it out. It really is the easiest way to make a list for any Mantic game.

As Chris is playing in the event he will be sharing his list publicly through social media this week. He has already shared his intention to play his goblin force similar to CaK6. Although he has been hard at work on new units since the last tournament and promises the force to be stronger than ever.

The full attendee list for CaK7 is as follows;

  • Steven Pearson
  • David McNally
  • Paul Stonell
  • Richard Tomlinson
  • Barry Joyner
  • Erica Gilmour
  • Jeff Horton
  • Ryan Callaghan
  • Lee Fellows
  • James Frank
  • Mitchell Makin
  • Paul Makin
  • Chris Christopherson

Even if you are not playing in the tournament feel free to pop along to the event for a chat and to see the battles in action. We look forward to seeing you all on the 9th April.

Clash at Kingston 7: Down ‘n’ Dirty tournament pack

The tournament pack has now been confirmed for the Clash at Kingston 7 Kings of War tournament. Please note that all slots for this tournament have now been reserved but people are welcome to come in on the day to watch the event and join the festivities.

Saturday 9th April 10:00-10:20 registration

Kingston upon Hull – Humberside Wargames Society, Saville Court on Saville Street, HU1 3EE.

£5 per player – no prizes are planned, but there maybe the odd one or two that appear.

1.5 hour for leisurely lunch (Wetherspoons in 5min walking distance). No dinner available at venue but plenty of places within a few yards of the venue. Main aim is to keep it cheap. 12 players maximum

3 games at 1995 points using Clash of Kings 2022, 50mins chess clocks per player

Clash at Kingston uses a 5/10/15 w/d/l system with up to 5 additional points available for completing scenario objectives. Extra posts are available for routing enemy units too.

No paint requirement. Models need to be assembled, on appropriate bases and meet MMC. The idea is to promote list building experimentation and to get people playing, but please don’t take the piss.

Bring your own booze!!! Feel free to have a tipple whilst playing. There’s often those who are staying over and wanna have dins and drinks out in Hull afterwards.

Photos from Clash at Kingston 6

Tournament Schedule

10.30-12.30Game 1
14.00-16.00Game 2
16.15-18.15Game 3

As always, for the most up to date information check out the Clash at kingston Facebook page, link below

Clash At Kingston: Down n Dirty 2

King Of War: Clash of Kings 2022 singles tournament

In January we were pleased to host a Clash at Kingston Kings of war tournament, it was a roaring success and sold out instantly. We are now happy to say that on the 9th April “Down n Dirty” is returning to Humberside Wargames Society.

Once again the event is kindly being organised by Chris Christophison ( Facebook : A tale of some gamer ). He put together some beautiful tables last tournament and we are excited to see what he has in store for players this time round. More details about his events can be found on the clash at kingston facebook events page

The event is a 1995pt, 3 round tournament using the latest Kings of War suppliment, Clash of Kings 2022. Keeping things simple entrance is once again only £5 getting you a full day of fun over 3 rounds. No food or drink is being supplied by us, but you are welcome to bring your own. Alcohol is accepted within the venue.

There is no parking availble at the venue as such players are reliant on public car parks. If you want more details about parking local to the club please drop us a message.

The basic schedule of the event is below (on phones this is best viewed in landscape). If you don’t feel up to playing please feel free to pop along to watch and chat free of charge. More details will follow closer to the date.













Game 1


Game 2


Game 3

Game 3 finish

Results and thanks

Kings of War Escalation League November post

Ok here we are month two, and things are a bit easier from here on in as we only need paint half of what we did in month one. From here on in its just 250 points a month +/- 40 pts till the end. For those of us with short memories or just better things to do, the main rules can be found below.

This month we will get into the rhythm of the league with everyone painting the first of their 250pts additions to their 500pt forces. Bil is once again accepting Pledges through our facebook group, but for those without access to social media pledges can also be provided here or through our discord server.

Elven Stormwind Cavelry

November Bonus Challenge – Loot counters

This month’s challenge is to build and paint 3 themed loot/objective counters for your army. KoW is a scenario driven game and sometimes those scenarios require tokens. In the case of loot/objective tokens you will eventually need d3+4 of them so I have decided to split this up and this month you will need to make the first 3. They can be anything you like but they must be on 25mm round bases to comply with the Kow rules other than that you can make them how you see fit and there will be the usual extra hobby point to claim if you make all three.

750pt Game Scenario – Wagon Loot

The 750 point “skirmish” game will be played on a 3×4 table with a 14 inch deployment area so the forces can get to grips earlier as befitting a small game, and if possible with a road or trackway in the center, running parallel to the players deployment areas, from one table edge to the other of the gaming area.

The scenario will be around your leader/general discovering a merchant caravan in the area which could supply your force or even the enemy if not prevented. If you can capture and “persuade” them to help you instead of the enemy it would be beneficial for both them and your force. With this “help” you can hire more troops/buy illegal magical grimoires to summon more troops/pay slavers for cannon fodder/send a message home for more help, or whatever fits your army and background.

Suffice to say that word has got around of this lucrative target and there will be a bloodbath on the road as forces vie for the loot.

The game will last for 6 turns only. The caravan consists of 3 wagons which can be represented by appropriate models if available, chariots or even just 3 rectangles of card cut to 50mmx100mm. The playing area should have 4 other pieces of terrain; be they woods, hills walls or hills. No buildings should be used as this is a remote area away from civilization. Also be sure to leave the center line free as it’s the trackway.

Players dice off to see who places the first unit then each player takes it in turns to place a unit till their force is fully deployed. Place the first wagon in the middle of the table then the player who lost the dice off places the second wagon anywhere on the middle line of the table within 12 inches of the first wagon and then the player who won places the last wagon within 12 inches of that wagon, all wagons must face the same way. This creates the wagon train.

At the start of each game turn the wagon train will move d3 + 4 inches in the direction it is facing towards the edge of the table, should a wagon leave the table it has managed to escape and cannot be looted further.

The object of the game is to harass the enemy force and at the same time loot the wagons, to do this you must move a unit or hero into contact with a wagon for a full turn, uninterrupted by combat. This enables them to gain a loot counter. Wagons contacted this way will stop and attempt to bargain with the contacting unit giving them a loot counter and the following turn they will move again as normal.

This can potentially cause a bottleneck as those wagons behind will have to stop should they contact a wagon in front. Wagons can be looted more than once but not by a unit that already has a loot token. You can only loot up to 3 tokens as that all the merchants have that interests you, you CAN however rob the enemy of their loot by killing them and robing them, thus denying their force of vital supplies

A unit or hero can only carry a single loot counter each. The winner is the army who has the most loot counters at the end of turn, or if one side has been completely destroyed. Any other result is a draw.

Should your hero/unit be killed the unit or hero responsible can loot them and take their loot counter, only if they don’t already have one themselves otherwise the loot is lost, crushed into the ground in the vicious melee. If the looting army still have it at the end of the game it counts towards their total, but. don’t forget to return the marker at the end of the game.

Ok get cracking peeps and Ill see you at the table

Kings Of War Escalation Update month 1

Over the month of October we have seen some wonderful progress from members of the Kings of War Escalation league and although the deadline isn’t up I thought it was time to share with you some of the images we have seen through social media and our discord server.

Don’t worry if you haven’t shared any images yourself yet you still have a couple more days to secure the points against your own pledge. We will request the final pictures of the month 1 pledges on the last day of October. These pictures will be used to tally up what points you have gained from meeting your pledge.

I am looking forward to seeing more work in progress photos and photos from the armies on the field as this month comes to a close and next month starts.

Note about Month 2 Pledges

Before I share the photos I wanted to quickly discuss the upcoming month 2 pledges. There has been some confusion with regards to the value of force you need for month 2. The value of the force you need to host is 750 pts. Keep in mind you are allowed to deviate from this value by plus or minus 40pts. This means your list should be between 710-790 pts. The increase of 250 points per month was decided to make joining the league as accessible as possible.

We will be requesting your pledges as November begins. Once asked for you will need to make your November pledge in the same format as last month. For example David M’s second pledge is below;

This month I pledge to build/paint
A regiment of Palace Guard – 160pts
A Bolt Thrower – 90pts
Total Points taken – 250 pts
points brought forward – 5 pts
Points Carried forward – 5 pts

David M
Models bathing in detol ready for month 2

Month 1 photos

We were allowed to share these photo’s by the permission of each member of the league. Please pass on your love for their work to them through our facebook group.

Bil’s Ogre force

Chris’ Forces of Nature

David M’s Elven Force

Erica’s Empire of Dust

Jay’s Goblin Force (

Shane’s Empire of Dust

Thiji’s Undead force