Discord Online Community

Join our discord server where you can;

  • Play Virtual Tabletop roleplay games
  • Gossip about your favourite obsession
  • share your crafting projects in crafting corner


We’ll keep this short and sweet for now, be a decent human being if you wouldn’t say in the club building don’t say it here

  1. No Racism, Harassment, Discrimination of any kind on this discord.
  2. Keep relevant topics inside their respective channels.
  3. Keep things civil and respectful. Debates are fine. Toxicity and personal insults are not.
  4. Be respectful to games that are running, as you wouldn’t want to be interrupted mid session either.
  5. Keep it clean. Do not post things in this Discord which would be inappropriate (If you wish there to be and NSFW Channel let us know)
  6. Respect the staff. If a staff member warns you to stop something, stop it. As part of this, blocking a @Committee Member is grounds for an immediate permanent Ban. It is your responsibility to know who staff are.
  7. No Mods-Shopping. If a member of the staff tells you that they or someone else is handling something, do not start asking another member of the staff to handle it. If a member of the staff handles an issue in a way that is not to your liking, you may message an @Officer and appeal the outcome. You may not ask another member of the staff to handle the issue as if the issue had not already been addressed.
  8. We reserve the right to delete any posts or ban any person(s) who we deem to be violating the spirit of these rules while keeping to their express letter.