Roleplaying Opportunity – Numenera

We have a new Numenera game starting up in the club that is looking for players. The campaign makes use of the Cypher System and will be utilising both Numenera Discovery and Destiny rulesets. No prior knowledge is required of the game or system.

Sessions – Monday nights 6pm – 10pm. First session planned for 10th July which will include character creation and an introduction to the ruleset. Expected to run for approximately 13 weeks.

GM – David

Players – 5 Players total, 2 Player slots open and availible

Experience – No experience required, the campaign is designed to introduce new players to the system. Of the current group only the GM has past experience of the game system.

Character Creation – Character creation will be completed in the first session accompanied with an introduction to the rule set

The Ninth World

Image from Monte Cook games

The Ninth World is built on the bones of the previous eight, and in particular the last four. Reach into the dust, and you’ll find that each particle has been worked, manufactured, or grown, and then ground back into dirt—a fine, artificial soil—by the relentless power of time. Look to the horizon—is that a mountain, or part of an impossible monument to the forgotten emperor of a lost people? Numenera is a delve into techno-barbarism, taking inspiration from the Dune series, Saga comic book series and Cloud Atlas just to name a few.

This campaign is set in Navarene the most northern kingdom of the “civilized” Steadfast region. Navarene is the boundary between the civilized Steadfast and the “Beyond”. This boundary has become more important of late with the True Faith’s Amber Pope calling for a crusade against the Gaian lands to the north of the mysterious Cloudcrystal Skyfields that borders Navarene.

The Campaign

This game will offer the opportunity for players to assist with the development of a new settlement assisting its founders with issues both of where they have settled and where they came from. Through salvaging the surrounding area and developing the land the party might be able to convert a rabble of crude huts into a settlement that can stand the test of time.

How It begins

Enslaved by the Talo noble family under loose pretence of minor crimes committed. Nashina Talo promises you freedom should you assist the Talo guards in bringing some “brigands” and “criminals” to justice. Explosive slave bands strapped around your arms, this would be the quickest route to freedom spare losing use of your arms. Matters are not as simple as presented as you soon discover this “Criminal” group is made up of Nashina Talo’s escaped slaves.

About the system

Numenera uses the Cypher system with actions requiring d20 based tests with results sometimes dependant on a d6 or d10 role. All in game actions are rolled for by the players. As mentioned above no prior experience in the system is needed, characters will be created as a group during the first session.

See below a video by Geek & Sundry showing the basics of the cypher system as used in a different example game.

Should you be interested in the game please comment here or reach out through our discord.

Pathfinder 2 game looking for players – Gatewalkers Book 1: The Seventh Arch

A new pathfinder 2 game starting in the club is looking for new players. The campaign will cover the first book of the Gatewalkers adventure path.

Sessions: Saturdays 1pm – 4pm, first session 13th May

GM: Erica

Players: 4 of 6 player slots availible

Experience: New Players welcome, no experience needed.

Character Creation: Characters start at level 1, support in character creation available if needed

Six months ago, your life changed, you became wrapped up in something so far beyond your understanding that you can’t even begin to remember what happened, and you’re one of the lucky ones. Many never returned once they stepped through an Aiudara (Elf Gates), creating the world spanning event known as the “Missing Moment”. One thing is known for sure; you have changed.

You were gone for three months and returned branded with the Mark of the Gatewalker but no memory of the events beyond the Aiudara; the strangest change of all are the powers you have started to exhibit. You as have several others have been assembled as a group working for Dr. Etward Ritalson, his funding and leads are your best hope of discover your missing memories and just what happened on the night of the Missing Moment.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e game looking for players – Hightower institute for Magical Learning

A new Dungeons and Dragons 5e game starting within the club is looking for new players. The campaign will be using the Strixhaven Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign with some homebrew modifications.

Sessions – Thursday nights 6pm to 9pm/10pm (subject to player preference). First session planned for 11th May, character creation 27th April.

GM – Tim

Players – 4-6 Player slots available

Experience – Unnecessary as this is an introductory campaign and players will all be starting at first level, experienced and new players are all welcome.

Character Creation – Unnecessary as this is an introductory campaign and players will all be starting at first level, experienced and new players are all welcome.


The Hightower Institute for Magical Learning is a college of magic that doesn’t just specialize in wizarding magic; but accepts all forms of magical study, be it practical or theoretical learning. Students will spend a majority of their time in classes an sleeping on campus but when free they can visit the surrounding city, a magic trading empire, where they can spend downtime to further study, craft, find employment and quests or even just carouse in the city’s underbelly of sin and debauchery.

Hightower Institute will take on a variety of students no matter their background or ability to pay for tuition so long as they have a talent and a willingness to learn and follow the institutes code of conduct. Hightower works alongside many religious temples, sects, and communities to take in not only those with a wizarding background but druidic, clerical or bardic. In the case of those who lack magic they will not be turned from the gate but equally accepted as the school not only teaches how to control one’s magic but also how to combat or defend oneself against it and properly wield magical items and knowledge. There is a place for everyone, no matter their race or creed so long as they have something to offer.


As the new year of students join, they will quickly learn that there are sinister goings on behind the scenes which the teachers and staff are attempting to cover up. Not only this but what of the goings on outside the city, outside the country. Foreboding times are coming but the students are distracted as they endeavour to fit into the college life and all the social anxieties that come with it. The college expects them to meet the requirements set upon them especially if they aspire to become heroes and legends of old.

This a highly fun and magical adventure involving a healthy mix of roleplay and combat which encourage character development and player growth. Set is a longstanding homebrew world of 6 years; this is but another adventure into the strange and wonderful. As a Dungeon Master with 6 years’ experience, I love running the game as much as I love players contributing. I will always aspire to give as much as I get. As mentioned, experience is not an issue and I am more than happy to help my players especially when it encourages the story

gm – tim