June 2023 Calendar

Here is the calendar for our June opening. Please note that these dates may change dependant on committee availability. Any changes will be notified through the comment section of this post.

The club may be able to open for extended hours on request. Contact use to enquire about the availability to join a game or add a game to our roster

Open day May 27th 10:00 to 16:00

The Society will be holding an open day featuring some of the activities the society offers. We will be holding two sessions 10:00 to 12:30 and 13:00 to 16:00, during the sessions the following will be run.

  • Dystopian wars – learn more here
  • Pathfinder 2 (a bounty adventure) – learn more here
  • Kings of War – learn more here
  • Dead Zone – learn more here
  • De Bellis Antiquitatis (BDA) – learn more here

For more information contact us at info@humbersidewargames.org.uk on Discord, Facebook or pop in.

AGM & Committee 2023

On Saturday 18th March we had our Annual General Meeting for the period ended December 2022. As granted by the Emergency General meeting on the 8th October 2022 this AGM had been delayed till the club had been relocated to its new home. Although Percy St has not yet reached its final form, as of 12th February the club has been operating out of 31 Percy St.

Election Of New Committee

The AGM saw the end of service for the 2022 committee and the election of the 2023 Committee. This year saw Erica G step down from Treasurer and Sara B step down from the committee. We thank both for their hard work and ongoing assistance with running the club. The 2023 committee is as follows.

  • Chairperson: Paul S
  • Secretary: Richard S
  • Treasurer: David M
  • Committee members:
    • Erica G
    • Gillian M
    • Richard J
    • Tim H

2023 Committee Tasks

In addition to the election of the new committee, tasks were voted on for completion during the year the membership tasked the 2023 committee with completing tasks it considered important.

The first of these tasks related to the creation of a special GM Chair for the round roleplay table in the entrance area of the club. This chair would utilise parts of the current chair to make something in keeping with the style of the table. The joiner who created the round table has already agreed to submit designs for the committee to approve.

Due to safety issues we are not commisioning the iron throne.

The AGM has also tasked the committee to create a comprehensive inventory of stock held. This would assist the club in making decisions of what should be kept, what can be sold and what can be disposed of.

Additional matters were discussed regarding ways to keep heat from escaping, privacy during gaming and security of the club. These matters the chairperson confirmed would be discussed during the next committee meeting. Members are welcome to attend all committee meetings, the next is scheduled for 25th March starting at 3pm.

Membership fees

Please note that membership fees are now due. Becoming a member grants you a vote in all topics discussed during general meetings and you can be nominated for a position on the committee at the next AGM. (must have been a member for the 6 months prior to the AGM to be eligible).

Membership Fees

  • Waged: £5.00
  • Unwaged: £2.50

Membership fees can either be paid in cash to committee members/officers or via bacs to our bank account. If you make payment via bacs please advise us so we can keep an eye out for it.

A New Home

The society has now moved to it’s new premesis at 31 Percy St, Hull, HU2 8HL.

All games previously expected at the old venue on Savile Court will now take place at Percy st.

Please note that not everything has been moved yet and there is still a lot to be sorted. Please bare with us while we organise and sort both play areas and items from the move

In consideration of the ongoing organisation if you wish to play in the clubroom please contact us to confirm there is space available for you.

A new game for a new room

On the evening of the 11th February after a long day of moving some members took advantage of the new venue to start a new game of pathfinder.

Kon’s new Pathfinder 2 campaign, Kingmaker became the first game to be played in the new venue.

As a new game this also represented the first 5 characters to be created within Percy St. May their adventures be fun and TPK never grace their table.

New things this way come

Over the last few weeks the membership have been working hard to prepare a new home for the club. We are aiming to be open in our new home by the 28th February, if not earlier.

We thank all the hard work and donations made by members to get us so far, but aren’t quite there yet. If you are able to help please let us know.

See below a map showing where our new home is

New venue address

31 Percy st

Supporting the Virtual community

Over the Pandemic the society was required to adapt to lockdown and provide other means for members to socialise and play games. This came in the form of a discord server that developed over the sixteen months we were unable to open.

During the time we were unable to meet in person four of our regular roleplay games adapted to the change and began to play through the server with the assistance of astral table top (A browser based virtual table top). A further six long form games came into creation during the pandemic with various short form games also springing up on occasion. Fun not being restricted to table top we also saw the community take part in the Inktober 2020 drawing event, Nanowrimo’s writing event and online party games.

We are proud of what the Discord community has created over the difficulties of lockdown and as a society want to continue to support its growth. If you have not checked out our discord server please see the link below