Morrowind Dungeons & Dragons Homebrew

Are there any big Morrowind fans in?

One of our members will be starting a temp Morrowind Homebrew DnD based campaign on our Discord Network.

Starting Wednesday 8th at 8pm-10pm.
For more information you can check out the channel on Discord and ask your questions to the GM directly.

We’re not going to let Covid 19 stop us from enjoying our roleplaying games so if you’re not already pop along and give online gaming a try.

It’s not just gaming we want to promote but the need to socialise more than ever in these times of strife,

We can’t meet in person! but we can still chat through means such as Discord and Facebook.

Be it about our boring self isolating day or the latest news and media regarding your favourite geeky topics.

We’re here for you.
Keep a Home, Keep Safe and the sooner the club will soon be reopening like he rest of Britain.