Pathfinder 2 game looking for players – Gatewalkers Book 1: The Seventh Arch

A new pathfinder 2 game starting in the club is looking for new players. The campaign will cover the first book of the Gatewalkers adventure path.

Sessions: Saturdays 1pm – 4pm, first session 13th May

GM: Erica

Players: 4 of 6 player slots availible

Experience: New Players welcome, no experience needed.

Character Creation: Characters start at level 1, support in character creation available if needed

Six months ago, your life changed, you became wrapped up in something so far beyond your understanding that you can’t even begin to remember what happened, and you’re one of the lucky ones. Many never returned once they stepped through an Aiudara (Elf Gates), creating the world spanning event known as the “Missing Moment”. One thing is known for sure; you have changed.

You were gone for three months and returned branded with the Mark of the Gatewalker but no memory of the events beyond the Aiudara; the strangest change of all are the powers you have started to exhibit. You as have several others have been assembled as a group working for Dr. Etward Ritalson, his funding and leads are your best hope of discover your missing memories and just what happened on the night of the Missing Moment.