Kings Of War Escalation Update month 1

Over the month of October we have seen some wonderful progress from members of the Kings of War Escalation league and although the deadline isn’t up I thought it was time to share with you some of the images we have seen through social media and our discord server.

Don’t worry if you haven’t shared any images yourself yet you still have a couple more days to secure the points against your own pledge. We will request the final pictures of the month 1 pledges on the last day of October. These pictures will be used to tally up what points you have gained from meeting your pledge.

I am looking forward to seeing more work in progress photos and photos from the armies on the field as this month comes to a close and next month starts.

Note about Month 2 Pledges

Before I share the photos I wanted to quickly discuss the upcoming month 2 pledges. There has been some confusion with regards to the value of force you need for month 2. The value of the force you need to host is 750 pts. Keep in mind you are allowed to deviate from this value by plus or minus 40pts. This means your list should be between 710-790 pts. The increase of 250 points per month was decided to make joining the league as accessible as possible.

We will be requesting your pledges as November begins. Once asked for you will need to make your November pledge in the same format as last month. For example David M’s second pledge is below;

This month I pledge to build/paint
A regiment of Palace Guard – 160pts
A Bolt Thrower – 90pts
Total Points taken – 250 pts
points brought forward – 5 pts
Points Carried forward – 5 pts

David M
Models bathing in detol ready for month 2

Month 1 photos

We were allowed to share these photo’s by the permission of each member of the league. Please pass on your love for their work to them through our facebook group.

Bil’s Ogre force

Chris’ Forces of Nature

David M’s Elven Force

Erica’s Empire of Dust

Jay’s Goblin Force (

Shane’s Empire of Dust

Thiji’s Undead force

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