This Week in roleplay – week to 14/04/23

This is the weekly review of the antics of adventurers within the society

Pathfinder 2 – Skull and Shackles (Saturday crew)

As most of the crew slumber, a skeleton team must tackle a ferocious storm through the night. Errol from his high vantage in the rigging spots blue slimy tentacled creatures making off with his two shipmates leaving no one at the Helm, with the ship is heading for land. He yells for all hands-on deck but it’s too late the ship runs aground.

The next morning Tsajuvi, newly appointed Captain, orders the crew to collect fresh provisions as stocks are running low. Captain Tsajuvi alongside his First Mate Khi’one, Bosun Vol, Quartermaster Errol and Surgeon/Influencer Solace will be forming a rescue party.


After a few hours of walking through the rocks and surf they find themselves walking a cliff and spot the same creatures that attacked the ship last night playing in the surf below. The monsters are identified as Grindylow, a race that is known to torment prisoners. The party must be quick to ensure the safety of their captured crewmates.

Errol and Khi’one fall from the cliff

Errol attempted to climb down the cliff stealthily with Khi’one on his shoulders, but misfortune struck, the cliff crumbling beneath his claws. The Grindylow attempt to flee into an underwater tunnel, but not before one finds its face melted by an Acid Arrow.

Errol and Khi’one give chase with the rest of the party following at various speeds. They swim into the tunnel, but due to the length of the tunnel Solace is forced to turn back and wait for the slower crewmates. The pair eventually come up for air in a large pool of water surrounded by high cliffs. The sound of many wings approaches, and a swarm of Blood Seekers come straight for them.

Warhammer Fantasy 4e – Death On the Reik

As lady Margritte began to lower the platform with the moaning creature on it the party sprang to life rushing forward to stop her before she could release it. Despite knocking her to the ground the creature broke free of its bonds and stood up looking around the room in confusion.

Nobby tried to talk to it, but to no avail. It leapt off the platform attacking Nobby with its powerful fists, almost putting him down with its blows. The rest of the party rallied and eventually defeated it.

Ladey Margritte’s creature

After searching the room, they retraced their steps trying to find the warpstone. After checking the portraits in the Great Hall, they ventured out into the storm. They had a look at the pit in the middle of the courtyard, the edges had downward pointed spikes and there was a grid of iron bars 10 foot down with a trapdoor in it, but the dark grey tendrils of smoke and screams coming up through the bars put them off. So, they continued on to the tower opposite the Great hall.

Dnd 5e – Gods and Men

Our brave heroes from Of Gods and Men continued their journey through the Underdark onboard their ship when their crew of trusty Koa-Toa abandoned ship and swam towards a pair of statues. On closer inspection they appeared to be a shrine to the ‘Dark Father’ Mamamasu. The Koa-Toa refused to leave without a sign from their god and set up fishing rods to catch a sacrifice.


Yvon took this as an opportunity to investigate a strange corridor leading in between the statues. He discovered a magical trident and helm at the heart of the structure but only managed to move the helm before he and Lei were blasted with a column of water. The helm ended up on the floor of the sea but was recovered thanks to a high-level spell despite the risk of wild magic.


Lei grabbed the trident but was attacked by waterweirds in the corridor. Tal appeared to save the day and they left with both magic items and minor scratches.

The party also found out more about their new companion and tried to solve the puzzle of his mysterious tattoo.

Carbon 2185 – EZ Hounds Detective Agency

The Cyclops accepted his invitation to the Dome, taking the others as his retinue, making their way to the fighter’s entrance the Hounds found themselves gassed and slowly came round hours later to the muffles sound of cheers from a crowd. Donny Zhao had figured out the Hounds play and flipped it on them. Running them through a gauntlet he was sure would run them down and end them.

Fighting Wan Chai Warriors and those poor souls infected with BSDR-1897, thirsting for a taste of the vital fluids within our cyberpunks. After laying those creatures low the infected handler, Large Michael decided to not risk his life against our heroes. Instead working with the Hounds to break through to the final step of the gauntlet.

BSDR-1897 infected

Here they were forced to face off against the Dome’s Champion, A legendary pit fighter who had looked to be more augmented than the aged flesh. The Dragon Reborn, Shujinko was as formidable as he ever was, breaking the Hounds on one another. EZ played to his strengths and convinced Large Michael to take on Shujinko and aid them before the Hounds made their escape.

Fighting Donny Zhao

Chasing down Donny Zhao into his office and then brutally dispatching the Red Pole to make an example of him for the Dragon Head David Wong, and the rest of the 16K Triad. Donny’s last words implying that this was just another plan of Jackie’s that they had all fallen prey to.

Receiving payment and being officially welcomed into the Washington Street Boys, the Hounds look to stabilising the power vacuum that now ravages District 5, easing the suffering for those stuck in the city’s most downtrodden district. Working on a case-by-case basis and brining just a little light into the lives of those they help.

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