Free RPG Day Event – Saturday 24th June

We are now happy to announce further details about the games being run on International Free RPG day at the club. During the day there will be five different games being run during two time slots taking full advantage of the space available in our new home.

Player slots will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend turning up early for your game to avoid disappointment. The Club will be open from 11am on the day to allow players to get settled before the afternoon games start.

Afternoon Games: 12 noon – 4pm

Honey I Shrunk the Adventurers

2-6 Players

We’ve all being there… we’ve all had that one wild night of tavern hopping and mead swilling. The sort of night when you make friends with complete strangers no matter how eccentric they are.

You and your band of Adventurers follow him back to his place where he opens up a bottle of Gnomish Spirits. You wake up hungover, your head is pounding, your mouth tastes like vomit and you’ve shrunk down to an inch of your size.

Typical Saturday Night! It’s fine all you have to do is find the remedy to your ‘little’ problem and try not be stood upon in the meantime.

Weatherstone Castle

2 – 6 Players

There are whispers that Algarod’s war chest remains in Weatherstone Castle, guarded by evil spirits and the beasts of the sorcerer Zygofer.

Evening Games: 6pm-10pm

Headshot the rot

2 – 4 Players

Its fireday night, and the streets of Alkenstar are bustling with people looking for a good time, for weeks ‘The First Sin of Pharasma’ has been advertised and tonight is opening night for this once in a life time experience. The entertainment district is over flowing and business is good; looking for some well-deserved rest & relaxation you take a seat in the Powder Horn, however your night is going to be far from restful for you and your gunslinging compatriots.

The Independence of the Glade

2 – 5 Players

The war has ended, the Eyrie Dynasties have restored themselves and are trying to take back their Woodland. Pellenicky Glade is in their sights… Yet the glade’s leading family, the Goshawks don’t agree on what they should do. To complicate matters Alton Goshawk, the Mayor of Pellenickly Glade has died leaving a gulph of power in the Goshawk family.

The situation could go very bad, the right person in the wrong place could make all the difference. Just when your group of Vagabonds enter the scene.

Fish Out of Water

3 – 6 Players

Inquisitive and adventurous investigators required for a new, and exciting opportunity. Must love mystery, travel and of course gold.

Enquire at the Dragon’s Codpiece in the Dock Ward to learn how you may partake of this splendid opportunity and enrich your horizons and line your pockets with gold. As stated, only apply if you have a fondness for travel and gold

We hope to see you on the day!

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