Clash at Kingston 7: Under 3 weeks away!

With the speed 2022 is passing we are now just over a week away from the final submission deadline for CaK7 (02/04/2022) , one week before the event itself (09/04/2022). This means that Chris requires a copy of each player’s 1995pt army list. The preferred format for attendees’ list is pdf created by mantic’s easyarmy website ( ). If you haven’t checked out the website before I reccomend checking it out. It really is the easiest way to make a list for any Mantic game.

As Chris is playing in the event he will be sharing his list publicly through social media this week. He has already shared his intention to play his goblin force similar to CaK6. Although he has been hard at work on new units since the last tournament and promises the force to be stronger than ever.

The full attendee list for CaK7 is as follows;

  • Steven Pearson
  • David McNally
  • Paul Stonell
  • Richard Tomlinson
  • Barry Joyner
  • Erica Gilmour
  • Jeff Horton
  • Ryan Callaghan
  • Lee Fellows
  • James Frank
  • Mitchell Makin
  • Paul Makin
  • Chris Christopherson

Even if you are not playing in the tournament feel free to pop along to the event for a chat and to see the battles in action. We look forward to seeing you all on the 9th April.