This week in roleplay – Week to 07/04/23

This is the third weekly review of activity of adventurers running from the club.

Pathfinder 2 – Kingmaker

The Heroes of Last Night were greeted on the road by a new travelling companion, a brassy looking kobold, in a damned fine hat. Within the morning set up the quirky Gunzo showed off his own unique brand of religion, calling on the Almighty Dra’Gun. Whom will split the sky and shake the lands of Numera.

A Thylacine attacks the party

The day of travel had its monotony broken by a thundering crack from the Kobold’s firearm, to stave of the little dragon’s boredom. Horses bolted and heroes fell but all was soon made right again after the heroes fought off two vicious thylacines (carnivorous marsupials). Linzi their stalwart chronicler was gravely wounded requiring urgent tending.

The next day didn’t fare much better it rained and poured, leaving the tracks muddy and prone to flooding. Shelter was found in a small cavern free from the rain, but our heroes didn’t search well enough and were attacked by swarms of spiders in the night.

Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition – Death on the Reik

Leaving the dungeons, the party climbed the stairs up to the grand hall. There they met an old butler who kept offering them the mouldy food set up on the main table until they knocked him out.

Outside a storm was raging, thunder and lightning punctuated their explanation of the upper levels. While crossing the clock room Sebastian was narrowly missed by a 3-foot cuckoo when its clock chimed. Next, they came face to face with lady Ingrid, head of the house, and her flock of mutant cats.

Lady Ingrid and a Cat

After getting away from lady Ingrid they found a lavish room with three corpses and access to a tower. Climbing the tower, they entered the laboratory at the top to find the roof open and a kite flying in the storm. There are 4 wires connecting the kite to something on a raised wooden platform, just as the party enters a large bolt of lightning hits the kite, the room shakes and the smell of burnt flesh fills the room. As lady Margritte begins to lower the platform a loud moaning can be heard…

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Ghouls and Men

In the nail-biting finale to Of Ghouls and Men, the party were met by Baron Rook after he learned of their victory in defeating the 3 hags. He welcomed each member into his service and offered them the rewards they had set out to earn at the start of the campaign. He also shared the true parentage of his ward (and apparently legitimate son), Dozell. Each party member claimed a pin showing the Baron’s crest, all except for Father Charles who decided the furnace was a much better place for it.

Baron Rook’s Pin

They travelled to the Baron’s camp only for Barot to find the woman he loves unresponsive but conscious. He was clearly in shock and after a fail attempt to remove the magic affecting her, he turned on his new patron. The Baron took a knife to the chest thanks to counterspell and a missing shield which sparked a divisive fight where the party’s loyalties were tested.

After deciding they were thoroughly outmatched, the altercation ended with Barot choosing to leave with the Baron, his love running in terror after regaining her senses and the recurring undead annoyance, Daniel, being decapitated.

With so much unfinished business, who knows what the party might get up to if we revisit Of Ghouls and Men in the future.

Carbon 2185 – EZ Hounds Detective Agency

The EZ Hounds find themselves in an awkward situation having conflicting information on the missing woman from their case, the priesthood of The Machine Bound God implying that Katie had chosen to ascend but her family saying that Katie was a member of the Purified Soul of Mankind and ardently opposed to augmentation in any way. Torn on what to do, two of the more “shoot now ask questions later” persuasion broke into the church hoping to gain some insight. While they did this EZ wove a web of deceit, that some would call an utter farse but with such conviction that the priesthood were unable to see through the lies, stalling Elder Solomon and his Initiate.

While thus distracted the Hounds pressed onward under the church finding the basement had been fitted to function in some areas as an operating theatre come machine shop. Finding signs of an altercation on Katie’s repulsor chair they decided it was their job to rescue the anesthetised Katie, after a close call or two with Elder Solomon, the Hounds escaped and EZ slipped away. Hurriedly they placed Katie in the nearest hospital they could find and contact the client telling him where she was.

Machine Bound God

Following a job well done the Hounds retired back to their office to look into the whereabouts of their primary target Donny Zhao, tipped off that he not just frequents but runs an underground fight club called The Dome, the hounds hatch a plan get one of them in as a fighter and the rest as his retinue. After a week of pushing the “Cyclops” at high stakes street fights finally an invitation hits the mat for the Cyclops to join the fighters of The Dome.

Pathfinder 2 – Strength of Thousands

After a night’s rest the students returned to their teachers and the field camp investigating the insect and gremlin infestation. They are told that there seems to be a barely perceivable psychic call that insects, gremlins, and similar creatures like spiders are getting to come to the Magaambya academy. Stone Ghost just seemed to be using them for revenge as they were there and not the reason for them gathering.

Magaambya Academy

Suddenly a fellow student, Esi, rushes in and tells the teacher that there are three people at the welcome walk looking to be students and causing a disturbance. Teacher Ot heads out to greet them after asking the PCs to join him.

Anadi in Humanoid form

On getting to the welcome walk they are greeted by three Anadi in their humanoid spider form, which is highly unusual for being in a large metropolitan area like Nantambu. After they tell of their calling to the Magaambya academy a group of three griffons swoop in from the city intent on feasting on their favourite food, spiders.

The PCs and teacher Ot bravely defend the Anadi from the hungry and vicious griffons. Despite some grievous wounds to the PCs and the Anadi they were able to defeat two of the griffons and drive off the last one.

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