This week in roleplay – week to 31/03/23

This is the second weekly update of the activity by adventuring parties travelling from our clubroom

Old School Essentials – Temple of Elemental Evil

Our latest tale of excitement and adventure has just begun, the retinue of “Sir” Angus Mornwood have been sent to collect information and deal with any issues relating to rumours of bandits and monster activity in the vicinity of Homelet, a wealthy and prosperous village that’s been through a lot in it’s time.

A map of the area

Having been directed to both the Moat house and the village of Nulb as areas to be wary of, our adventurers take a moment to wash the road dust from their faces, and gather rumours of the local environs and causing one case of mistaken identity. Hearing tales of ghosts, ghost demon bears, dragons and crop circles with glowing lights in the sky.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e – Gods and Men

Last night, after a 6 month hiatus, the ‘heroes’ from Of Gods and Men made their way into the Underdark. They bumped into a very jumpy wizard who had heard all about their daring exploits and, probably foolishly, decided to join them on their journey.

With a hired crew and a haphazard plan they have set off towards the city of Skullport in the hopes of finally rescuing Ubberick’s brother from slavery.

A Map of the underdark in Gods and Men

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e – Death on the Reik

The party had a dinner party with lady Margritte von Wittgenstein and Jean Rousseaux the village doctor, at the doctor’s house. After some chit chat dinner was served. Just after cheese and biscuits half the party fell to the sleeping poison put in their food, the rest surrendered to the guards and were put in the dungeons of Castle Wittgenstein. Breaking out they wandered the area looking for their gear. Finally ganging up to fight Slagdarg the ogre torturer, with improvised weapons and retrieving their equipment.

Castle Wittgenstein

Pathfinder 2e – Strength of Thousands

Last night the new student attendants head into the tunnels under the Magaambya academy to confront Stone Ghost ,the antagonist of all the disruption to the academic year, and his gremlin and insect army. While investigating his cavern room he emerged from a wall and attacked with the help of two jinkins. They dispatched them fairly quickly and took the collected information back to their teachers to study.

Jinkins – a type of Gremlin

Carbon 2185 – EZ Houndz Detective Agency

The gang managed to get themselves patched up after the altercation in the hospital and left Jackie Chow under the knife for a synthetic heart transplant. After an evening of information gathering in the alleys of the red-light district and paranoia ensuring the entire surrounds of the office were assessed for threats.

Will Jackie Survive a synthetic heart transplant?

The next morning, they cracked on with their only case, after acquiring a new set of wheels they went to track down a missing girlfriend, who seemed to have vanished the Church of the Machine Bound God in District 2. With no further leads they questioned the Elder of the course and found Katie was being prepped to ascend from her flesh.

Pathfinder 2e – Middle of Newarre

The Rulebook doesn’t cover this

The Founders of Newarre after gathering all the supplies and loot they could from the goblin fort before hurrying back through the swamp hoping to catch the tail end of the goblin raid in their new home. Luckily with the extensive effort put into the training of the Militia and building up the defences allowed the village to see off the score of White Skull Goblins.

Mama Swampsinger

The Founders then turned their eyes on something fat more important than the village, the planning on the wedding of Papi Gre’orj and Mamma Swampsinger, the matriarch of the Swampsinger goblins to whom Newarre had bafflingly allied itself. In the confusing flurry of events the Founder’s acquired the Owlbear’s Head as their very own tavern, taking up prime real estate in the village.

Keep an eye out for more updates on how Adventuring parties are getting on within the club. If you wish to run a game within the club contact us to find out how we can make it a reality.

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