This Week in roleplay – week to 14/04/23

This is the weekly review of the antics of adventurers within the society

Pathfinder 2 – Skull and Shackles (Saturday crew)

As most of the crew slumber, a skeleton team must tackle a ferocious storm through the night. Errol from his high vantage in the rigging spots blue slimy tentacled creatures making off with his two shipmates leaving no one at the Helm, with the ship is heading for land. He yells for all hands-on deck but it’s too late the ship runs aground.

The next morning Tsajuvi, newly appointed Captain, orders the crew to collect fresh provisions as stocks are running low. Captain Tsajuvi alongside his First Mate Khi’one, Bosun Vol, Quartermaster Errol and Surgeon/Influencer Solace will be forming a rescue party.


After a few hours of walking through the rocks and surf they find themselves walking a cliff and spot the same creatures that attacked the ship last night playing in the surf below. The monsters are identified as Grindylow, a race that is known to torment prisoners. The party must be quick to ensure the safety of their captured crewmates.

Errol and Khi’one fall from the cliff

Errol attempted to climb down the cliff stealthily with Khi’one on his shoulders, but misfortune struck, the cliff crumbling beneath his claws. The Grindylow attempt to flee into an underwater tunnel, but not before one finds its face melted by an Acid Arrow.

Errol and Khi’one give chase with the rest of the party following at various speeds. They swim into the tunnel, but due to the length of the tunnel Solace is forced to turn back and wait for the slower crewmates. The pair eventually come up for air in a large pool of water surrounded by high cliffs. The sound of many wings approaches, and a swarm of Blood Seekers come straight for them.

Warhammer Fantasy 4e – Death On the Reik

As lady Margritte began to lower the platform with the moaning creature on it the party sprang to life rushing forward to stop her before she could release it. Despite knocking her to the ground the creature broke free of its bonds and stood up looking around the room in confusion.

Nobby tried to talk to it, but to no avail. It leapt off the platform attacking Nobby with its powerful fists, almost putting him down with its blows. The rest of the party rallied and eventually defeated it.

Ladey Margritte’s creature

After searching the room, they retraced their steps trying to find the warpstone. After checking the portraits in the Great Hall, they ventured out into the storm. They had a look at the pit in the middle of the courtyard, the edges had downward pointed spikes and there was a grid of iron bars 10 foot down with a trapdoor in it, but the dark grey tendrils of smoke and screams coming up through the bars put them off. So, they continued on to the tower opposite the Great hall.

Dnd 5e – Gods and Men

Our brave heroes from Of Gods and Men continued their journey through the Underdark onboard their ship when their crew of trusty Koa-Toa abandoned ship and swam towards a pair of statues. On closer inspection they appeared to be a shrine to the ‘Dark Father’ Mamamasu. The Koa-Toa refused to leave without a sign from their god and set up fishing rods to catch a sacrifice.


Yvon took this as an opportunity to investigate a strange corridor leading in between the statues. He discovered a magical trident and helm at the heart of the structure but only managed to move the helm before he and Lei were blasted with a column of water. The helm ended up on the floor of the sea but was recovered thanks to a high-level spell despite the risk of wild magic.


Lei grabbed the trident but was attacked by waterweirds in the corridor. Tal appeared to save the day and they left with both magic items and minor scratches.

The party also found out more about their new companion and tried to solve the puzzle of his mysterious tattoo.

Carbon 2185 – EZ Hounds Detective Agency

The Cyclops accepted his invitation to the Dome, taking the others as his retinue, making their way to the fighter’s entrance the Hounds found themselves gassed and slowly came round hours later to the muffles sound of cheers from a crowd. Donny Zhao had figured out the Hounds play and flipped it on them. Running them through a gauntlet he was sure would run them down and end them.

Fighting Wan Chai Warriors and those poor souls infected with BSDR-1897, thirsting for a taste of the vital fluids within our cyberpunks. After laying those creatures low the infected handler, Large Michael decided to not risk his life against our heroes. Instead working with the Hounds to break through to the final step of the gauntlet.

BSDR-1897 infected

Here they were forced to face off against the Dome’s Champion, A legendary pit fighter who had looked to be more augmented than the aged flesh. The Dragon Reborn, Shujinko was as formidable as he ever was, breaking the Hounds on one another. EZ played to his strengths and convinced Large Michael to take on Shujinko and aid them before the Hounds made their escape.

Fighting Donny Zhao

Chasing down Donny Zhao into his office and then brutally dispatching the Red Pole to make an example of him for the Dragon Head David Wong, and the rest of the 16K Triad. Donny’s last words implying that this was just another plan of Jackie’s that they had all fallen prey to.

Receiving payment and being officially welcomed into the Washington Street Boys, the Hounds look to stabilising the power vacuum that now ravages District 5, easing the suffering for those stuck in the city’s most downtrodden district. Working on a case-by-case basis and brining just a little light into the lives of those they help.

Dungeons and Dragons 5e game looking for players – Hightower institute for Magical Learning

A new Dungeons and Dragons 5e game starting within the club is looking for new players. The campaign will be using the Strixhaven Dungeons and Dragons 5e Campaign with some homebrew modifications.

Sessions – Thursday nights 6pm to 9pm/10pm (subject to player preference). First session planned for 11th May, character creation 27th April.

GM – Tim

Players – 4-6 Player slots available

Experience – Unnecessary as this is an introductory campaign and players will all be starting at first level, experienced and new players are all welcome.

Character Creation – Unnecessary as this is an introductory campaign and players will all be starting at first level, experienced and new players are all welcome.


The Hightower Institute for Magical Learning is a college of magic that doesn’t just specialize in wizarding magic; but accepts all forms of magical study, be it practical or theoretical learning. Students will spend a majority of their time in classes an sleeping on campus but when free they can visit the surrounding city, a magic trading empire, where they can spend downtime to further study, craft, find employment and quests or even just carouse in the city’s underbelly of sin and debauchery.

Hightower Institute will take on a variety of students no matter their background or ability to pay for tuition so long as they have a talent and a willingness to learn and follow the institutes code of conduct. Hightower works alongside many religious temples, sects, and communities to take in not only those with a wizarding background but druidic, clerical or bardic. In the case of those who lack magic they will not be turned from the gate but equally accepted as the school not only teaches how to control one’s magic but also how to combat or defend oneself against it and properly wield magical items and knowledge. There is a place for everyone, no matter their race or creed so long as they have something to offer.


As the new year of students join, they will quickly learn that there are sinister goings on behind the scenes which the teachers and staff are attempting to cover up. Not only this but what of the goings on outside the city, outside the country. Foreboding times are coming but the students are distracted as they endeavour to fit into the college life and all the social anxieties that come with it. The college expects them to meet the requirements set upon them especially if they aspire to become heroes and legends of old.

This a highly fun and magical adventure involving a healthy mix of roleplay and combat which encourage character development and player growth. Set is a longstanding homebrew world of 6 years; this is but another adventure into the strange and wonderful. As a Dungeon Master with 6 years’ experience, I love running the game as much as I love players contributing. I will always aspire to give as much as I get. As mentioned, experience is not an issue and I am more than happy to help my players especially when it encourages the story

gm – tim

This week in roleplay – Week to 07/04/23

This is the third weekly review of activity of adventurers running from the club.

Pathfinder 2 – Kingmaker

The Heroes of Last Night were greeted on the road by a new travelling companion, a brassy looking kobold, in a damned fine hat. Within the morning set up the quirky Gunzo showed off his own unique brand of religion, calling on the Almighty Dra’Gun. Whom will split the sky and shake the lands of Numera.

A Thylacine attacks the party

The day of travel had its monotony broken by a thundering crack from the Kobold’s firearm, to stave of the little dragon’s boredom. Horses bolted and heroes fell but all was soon made right again after the heroes fought off two vicious thylacines (carnivorous marsupials). Linzi their stalwart chronicler was gravely wounded requiring urgent tending.

The next day didn’t fare much better it rained and poured, leaving the tracks muddy and prone to flooding. Shelter was found in a small cavern free from the rain, but our heroes didn’t search well enough and were attacked by swarms of spiders in the night.

Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition – Death on the Reik

Leaving the dungeons, the party climbed the stairs up to the grand hall. There they met an old butler who kept offering them the mouldy food set up on the main table until they knocked him out.

Outside a storm was raging, thunder and lightning punctuated their explanation of the upper levels. While crossing the clock room Sebastian was narrowly missed by a 3-foot cuckoo when its clock chimed. Next, they came face to face with lady Ingrid, head of the house, and her flock of mutant cats.

Lady Ingrid and a Cat

After getting away from lady Ingrid they found a lavish room with three corpses and access to a tower. Climbing the tower, they entered the laboratory at the top to find the roof open and a kite flying in the storm. There are 4 wires connecting the kite to something on a raised wooden platform, just as the party enters a large bolt of lightning hits the kite, the room shakes and the smell of burnt flesh fills the room. As lady Margritte begins to lower the platform a loud moaning can be heard…

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition – Ghouls and Men

In the nail-biting finale to Of Ghouls and Men, the party were met by Baron Rook after he learned of their victory in defeating the 3 hags. He welcomed each member into his service and offered them the rewards they had set out to earn at the start of the campaign. He also shared the true parentage of his ward (and apparently legitimate son), Dozell. Each party member claimed a pin showing the Baron’s crest, all except for Father Charles who decided the furnace was a much better place for it.

Baron Rook’s Pin

They travelled to the Baron’s camp only for Barot to find the woman he loves unresponsive but conscious. He was clearly in shock and after a fail attempt to remove the magic affecting her, he turned on his new patron. The Baron took a knife to the chest thanks to counterspell and a missing shield which sparked a divisive fight where the party’s loyalties were tested.

After deciding they were thoroughly outmatched, the altercation ended with Barot choosing to leave with the Baron, his love running in terror after regaining her senses and the recurring undead annoyance, Daniel, being decapitated.

With so much unfinished business, who knows what the party might get up to if we revisit Of Ghouls and Men in the future.

Carbon 2185 – EZ Hounds Detective Agency

The EZ Hounds find themselves in an awkward situation having conflicting information on the missing woman from their case, the priesthood of The Machine Bound God implying that Katie had chosen to ascend but her family saying that Katie was a member of the Purified Soul of Mankind and ardently opposed to augmentation in any way. Torn on what to do, two of the more “shoot now ask questions later” persuasion broke into the church hoping to gain some insight. While they did this EZ wove a web of deceit, that some would call an utter farse but with such conviction that the priesthood were unable to see through the lies, stalling Elder Solomon and his Initiate.

While thus distracted the Hounds pressed onward under the church finding the basement had been fitted to function in some areas as an operating theatre come machine shop. Finding signs of an altercation on Katie’s repulsor chair they decided it was their job to rescue the anesthetised Katie, after a close call or two with Elder Solomon, the Hounds escaped and EZ slipped away. Hurriedly they placed Katie in the nearest hospital they could find and contact the client telling him where she was.

Machine Bound God

Following a job well done the Hounds retired back to their office to look into the whereabouts of their primary target Donny Zhao, tipped off that he not just frequents but runs an underground fight club called The Dome, the hounds hatch a plan get one of them in as a fighter and the rest as his retinue. After a week of pushing the “Cyclops” at high stakes street fights finally an invitation hits the mat for the Cyclops to join the fighters of The Dome.

Pathfinder 2 – Strength of Thousands

After a night’s rest the students returned to their teachers and the field camp investigating the insect and gremlin infestation. They are told that there seems to be a barely perceivable psychic call that insects, gremlins, and similar creatures like spiders are getting to come to the Magaambya academy. Stone Ghost just seemed to be using them for revenge as they were there and not the reason for them gathering.

Magaambya Academy

Suddenly a fellow student, Esi, rushes in and tells the teacher that there are three people at the welcome walk looking to be students and causing a disturbance. Teacher Ot heads out to greet them after asking the PCs to join him.

Anadi in Humanoid form

On getting to the welcome walk they are greeted by three Anadi in their humanoid spider form, which is highly unusual for being in a large metropolitan area like Nantambu. After they tell of their calling to the Magaambya academy a group of three griffons swoop in from the city intent on feasting on their favourite food, spiders.

The PCs and teacher Ot bravely defend the Anadi from the hungry and vicious griffons. Despite some grievous wounds to the PCs and the Anadi they were able to defeat two of the griffons and drive off the last one.

This week in roleplay – week to 31/03/23

This is the second weekly update of the activity by adventuring parties travelling from our clubroom

Old School Essentials – Temple of Elemental Evil

Our latest tale of excitement and adventure has just begun, the retinue of “Sir” Angus Mornwood have been sent to collect information and deal with any issues relating to rumours of bandits and monster activity in the vicinity of Homelet, a wealthy and prosperous village that’s been through a lot in it’s time.

A map of the area

Having been directed to both the Moat house and the village of Nulb as areas to be wary of, our adventurers take a moment to wash the road dust from their faces, and gather rumours of the local environs and causing one case of mistaken identity. Hearing tales of ghosts, ghost demon bears, dragons and crop circles with glowing lights in the sky.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e – Gods and Men

Last night, after a 6 month hiatus, the ‘heroes’ from Of Gods and Men made their way into the Underdark. They bumped into a very jumpy wizard who had heard all about their daring exploits and, probably foolishly, decided to join them on their journey.

With a hired crew and a haphazard plan they have set off towards the city of Skullport in the hopes of finally rescuing Ubberick’s brother from slavery.

A Map of the underdark in Gods and Men

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e – Death on the Reik

The party had a dinner party with lady Margritte von Wittgenstein and Jean Rousseaux the village doctor, at the doctor’s house. After some chit chat dinner was served. Just after cheese and biscuits half the party fell to the sleeping poison put in their food, the rest surrendered to the guards and were put in the dungeons of Castle Wittgenstein. Breaking out they wandered the area looking for their gear. Finally ganging up to fight Slagdarg the ogre torturer, with improvised weapons and retrieving their equipment.

Castle Wittgenstein

Pathfinder 2e – Strength of Thousands

Last night the new student attendants head into the tunnels under the Magaambya academy to confront Stone Ghost ,the antagonist of all the disruption to the academic year, and his gremlin and insect army. While investigating his cavern room he emerged from a wall and attacked with the help of two jinkins. They dispatched them fairly quickly and took the collected information back to their teachers to study.

Jinkins – a type of Gremlin

Carbon 2185 – EZ Houndz Detective Agency

The gang managed to get themselves patched up after the altercation in the hospital and left Jackie Chow under the knife for a synthetic heart transplant. After an evening of information gathering in the alleys of the red-light district and paranoia ensuring the entire surrounds of the office were assessed for threats.

Will Jackie Survive a synthetic heart transplant?

The next morning, they cracked on with their only case, after acquiring a new set of wheels they went to track down a missing girlfriend, who seemed to have vanished the Church of the Machine Bound God in District 2. With no further leads they questioned the Elder of the course and found Katie was being prepped to ascend from her flesh.

Pathfinder 2e – Middle of Newarre

The Rulebook doesn’t cover this

The Founders of Newarre after gathering all the supplies and loot they could from the goblin fort before hurrying back through the swamp hoping to catch the tail end of the goblin raid in their new home. Luckily with the extensive effort put into the training of the Militia and building up the defences allowed the village to see off the score of White Skull Goblins.

Mama Swampsinger

The Founders then turned their eyes on something fat more important than the village, the planning on the wedding of Papi Gre’orj and Mamma Swampsinger, the matriarch of the Swampsinger goblins to whom Newarre had bafflingly allied itself. In the confusing flurry of events the Founder’s acquired the Owlbear’s Head as their very own tavern, taking up prime real estate in the village.

Keep an eye out for more updates on how Adventuring parties are getting on within the club. If you wish to run a game within the club contact us to find out how we can make it a reality.

This week in roleplay – week to 24/03/23

This is a new weekly website post were we summarise some of the activity by adventuring parties travelling from our clubroom.

Pathfinder 2e – Kingmaker

The Heroes of Last Night, THoLN for short received their charter to explore and extinguish banditry in the Greenbelt of the Stolen Lands, then set off for Oleg’s Trading Post. Not two days were they on the road before cutthroats attacked them.

Carbon 2185 – Tales of the Golden City

The Carbon Crew from Monday night, managed to prevent the death of their primary contact with the 16K Triad, but were left with questions about the 2 presumed Reapers (organ harvesters) who escaped.

Dungeons & Dragons 5e – Ghouls and Men

After surviving the Hag’s magical storm and minions’ raid the party realised an ambush would no longer be viable against her. The next day they sneaked up to the corrupted mill. Inside they found not only the hag, but also a critically wounded fae-born druid fused in the centre of four trees. A tense combat ensued; luck was on the side of the party as the hag succumbed to the magic and might of the party. Before the party could save the druid, the baron’s skeleton drawn carriage to pull up outside the mill, not ominous in the slightest.

Pathfinder 2 – Middle of Newarre

The Founders of Newarre unknowingly crashed a sacred ritual of power to the Lamashtu, the Mother of Monsters. In hopes of rescuing the matriarch of their allied goblin tribe. Several explosions later, the fort’s watch tower is toppled and the evil Barghest performing the ritual is slain. One more evil cleansed from the surrounding lands.

Keep an eye out for more updates on how Adventuring parties are getting on within the club. If you wish to run a game within the club contact us to find out how we can make it a reality.

AGM & Committee 2023

On Saturday 18th March we had our Annual General Meeting for the period ended December 2022. As granted by the Emergency General meeting on the 8th October 2022 this AGM had been delayed till the club had been relocated to its new home. Although Percy St has not yet reached its final form, as of 12th February the club has been operating out of 31 Percy St.

Election Of New Committee

The AGM saw the end of service for the 2022 committee and the election of the 2023 Committee. This year saw Erica G step down from Treasurer and Sara B step down from the committee. We thank both for their hard work and ongoing assistance with running the club. The 2023 committee is as follows.

  • Chairperson: Paul S
  • Secretary: Richard S
  • Treasurer: David M
  • Committee members:
    • Erica G
    • Gillian M
    • Richard J
    • Tim H

2023 Committee Tasks

In addition to the election of the new committee, tasks were voted on for completion during the year the membership tasked the 2023 committee with completing tasks it considered important.

The first of these tasks related to the creation of a special GM Chair for the round roleplay table in the entrance area of the club. This chair would utilise parts of the current chair to make something in keeping with the style of the table. The joiner who created the round table has already agreed to submit designs for the committee to approve.

Due to safety issues we are not commisioning the iron throne.

The AGM has also tasked the committee to create a comprehensive inventory of stock held. This would assist the club in making decisions of what should be kept, what can be sold and what can be disposed of.

Additional matters were discussed regarding ways to keep heat from escaping, privacy during gaming and security of the club. These matters the chairperson confirmed would be discussed during the next committee meeting. Members are welcome to attend all committee meetings, the next is scheduled for 25th March starting at 3pm.

Membership fees

Please note that membership fees are now due. Becoming a member grants you a vote in all topics discussed during general meetings and you can be nominated for a position on the committee at the next AGM. (must have been a member for the 6 months prior to the AGM to be eligible).

Membership Fees

  • Waged: £5.00
  • Unwaged: £2.50

Membership fees can either be paid in cash to committee members/officers or via bacs to our bank account. If you make payment via bacs please advise us so we can keep an eye out for it.

Roleplay Opportunities coming in April

In April we have a couple of new tabletop rpgs looking for players. If you are interested in getting into tabletop roleplay this is the perfect time to do so. If you are interested please contact us here or let us know through our discord server in the “looking for group” chat.

Skull & Shackles: Tempest Rising

Mondays weekly 6pm-9/10pm for 12 weeks approx
Starting 17th April

GM: Erica G
1 Player slot availible
New Players Welcome

The adventurers have come a long way since the violent and desperate launch of their pirate career. Now, their ship’s hold full of loot and plunder, they make their triumphant return to Port Peril to present themselves to the Hurricane King to officially gain recognition as Free Captains of the Shackles. But with this recognition comes new opportunities, as other pirates take action to aid or hinder the heroes, during which hints of a hidden plot begin to surface

Arcana of the Ancients

Mondays weekly 6pm-9/10pm for 10 weeks approx
Starting 24th April

GM: David M
5 Player slots availible
New Players Welcome

The Caracara festival takes place in the crooked hills, an area long considered haunted by spirits that plague one’s dreams with strange nightmares. Despite this the festival has become popular of late due to the appearance of inexplicable arcane artefacts. While investigating the source of these artefacts the party finds itself with a quest to stop goblin raiders plaguing the festival. What secrets do the crooked hills hide?

Keep your eyes pealed for more games planned to start in the future.

A New Home

The society has now moved to it’s new premesis at 31 Percy St, Hull, HU2 8HL.

All games previously expected at the old venue on Savile Court will now take place at Percy st.

Please note that not everything has been moved yet and there is still a lot to be sorted. Please bare with us while we organise and sort both play areas and items from the move

In consideration of the ongoing organisation if you wish to play in the clubroom please contact us to confirm there is space available for you.

A new game for a new room

On the evening of the 11th February after a long day of moving some members took advantage of the new venue to start a new game of pathfinder.

Kon’s new Pathfinder 2 campaign, Kingmaker became the first game to be played in the new venue.

As a new game this also represented the first 5 characters to be created within Percy St. May their adventures be fun and TPK never grace their table.

New things this way come

Over the last few weeks the membership have been working hard to prepare a new home for the club. We are aiming to be open in our new home by the 28th February, if not earlier.

We thank all the hard work and donations made by members to get us so far, but aren’t quite there yet. If you are able to help please let us know.

See below a map showing where our new home is

New venue address

31 Percy st